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Ginni Mansberg is a well known doctor in Australia. She is a Sydney GP on TV with Embarrassing Bodies Down Under (Channel 9), Sunrise & Morning Show (Channel7), Things You Can't Talk About on TV (Youtube), various mags, podcasts, lots of kids, 2 exuberant dogs, company director, strategy consultant,  wannabe Masterchef and dedicated caffeine addict...

Why does health have to be so borng and so hard? Or so crazy, whacky and unscientific that all the trust has evaporated? It doesn't have to be! If you want credible, achievable, scientifically based, compassionate, occasionally irreverant and always YOU focused health advice, you've landed in the right place!

So let me tell you a little about me before I ask about you; I've been a GP for the past 20 (plus) years. But if my face looks vaguely familiar, you you might have seen me on Sunrise or the Morning Show on Australia’s Channel Seven. Or Embarrassing Bodies Down Under or Things You Can't Talk About on TV with my mate, Shelly Horton. My voice can be heard on radio and my advice can be found in Women’s Health, Australia, That's Life! or Practical Parenting magazines.

I'm really hoping you've stumbled accorss one of my books? Books like “How to Handle Your Hormones,” “How to get your Mojo Back” or “Why am I so Tired?” Or you might have read my tweets. You might even be a patient in my beloved Sans Souci Medical Practice or one of my medical students from the University of Notre Dame in Sydney.

So my career has taken lots of twists and turns, rarely with any foresight or planning. I finished my junior medical resident training a week before having my first child (Sam - now 24) and pursued a career in General Practice while having my next two children. But a series of nanny disasters saw me bail on my practice and look for something to do from home. That's how I ended up heading back to University to complete a Graduate Diploma of Journalism. That started the next career as a medical journalist...... which in turn led to all the writing and eventually TV, radio, speaking and ultimately led to a career in consulting. These days I consult in strategy and communications in healthcare for all sorts of health related companies - large and small.

In 2015, I completed the AICD (Australian Institute of Company Directors) - Company Directors Course in order to further my interest in Governance. I honestly believe that you can turn a profit and yet retain the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Here’s the stuff you might not know; what started as a favour to a friend with a methadone clinic in Sydney’s Kings Cross who was desperate for a locum, turned into an unexpectedly satisfying role on the seedy side of Sydney that lasted for many years. Then flicking through the Australian Financial Review one day (actually the first time that ever happened) I spotted a tiny job ad that saw me end up with a role as federal speech writer and health policy advisor in Canberra to Joe Hockey (yes he was in Health before treasury!)

You mightn't know that in 2013 I started an antiaging skin care company with my husband, Daniel. I was so fed up with the fluff and nonsense in this sector especially when there are good studies in quality peer reviewed journals. Auroracare has been manufacturing evidence based cosmeceutical skin care for plastic surgeons and dermatologists all over Australia and this year we launch ESK, our retail skin care range which we can't wait to launch in Asia! If you're interested head to www.eskcare.com and check it out!

If I'm not working, I'm cooking for large crowds, drinking coffee or red wine, spending time with my family and friends or walking my two insane dogs, Freddy and Ginger.

Most of all I love laughing. Every day is a blessing! You want great health - sure- but it's a means to an end. The end goal is your happiness. Enough about me- what about you? I'd love to hear from you! Please send me a quick hello.


G xxx