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It's complicated like so many things- watch the Sunrise segment HERE
Let's not blame the stupid doctors (well not too much anyway) and let's not blame the instant gratification generation who want a cure in a pill rather than a slow road to recovery. But the antibiotic levels in this country are out of control and need to be changed Watch…
Watch the Weekend Sunrise segment HERE
This is an amazing vitamin which is involved in calcium balance, immune system cell function and nerve function as well as other important bodily processes but 1/3 of Aussies are running around without enough. What should you do? Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
Check it out HERE on Sunrise today with my galpal Susie Burrell
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Let's bust a few! Watch the Sunrise Flu mythbusters segment HERE

How to Get Your Mojo Back

Posted by on 02 April, 2012
Weekend Sunrise reviews my new book Watch the segment HERE

Thanks for the debate

Posted by on 21 March, 2012
I wanted to thank everyone for all the passionate emails coming in about both homeopathy and circumcision. The emotion and zeal I have read has been astounding and it's encouraging to see that people are sharing their views on health- the most important (and I think interesting!) topic of all.…
Weekend Sunrise- watch the segment HERE