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This time Weekend Sunrise put the question to myself and pro-foreskin campaigner, medical historian Dr Robert Darby. Watch the segment HERE
Click HERE to see a heated debate about the value of homeopathy on The Morning Show I have no issues with placebos by the way...they give effective symptom improvement in 33% of people and that's better than some medicines. But don't tell me diluted plants that resemble water can have…

Want my fashion advice?

Posted by on 15 March, 2012
No I didn't think so... But HERE on Kochie's Angels with Nat Barr and Kylie Gillies I unveil my Island fantasy and Handsome Prince delusion.
All this explained- as well as what to watch with snoring and kids Sunrise Healthwatch- click HERE to see the segment
My headache decoder on Sunrise- watch it HERE I think if you're suffering more than just an occasional headache you should always go see your GP but here are some symptoms that should make that trip sooner rather than later; 1. your headache comes packaged up with a fever, neck…
I don't think so. So was this guy a victim of discrimination when he got stood aside from his job for donning a new hairstyle? Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
Oh not that it ever goes away. Nobody is advocating that ALL boys get it, but are there enough reasons to suggest that it be a bit easier for parents to chose the snip for their kids? Watch the Morning Show segment HERE
or did you just hear that all wrong Stacey Solomon? Yeah- I think that'd be really weird advice Sunrise- watch it HERE
Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
Sunrise Healthwatch- watch it HERE