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These ultrasounds are so beautiful You have to watch them! Lots of my patients have coughed up $350 for one- would you? watch the Sunrise segment HERE
Best wishes Gina. I've got a feeling we're about to see a big upswing in take up rates! Watch the Morning Show segment HERE
What you need to know... Only 15% of women diagnosed with breast cancer have a family member with the disease Only 50% of women get diagnosed with breast cancer feel a lump- the rest get detected by routine screening with a mammogram Women 40 and over can have 2 yearly…
Not for the feint of heart!! Here are the down sides... We don't know if there are long term dangers including cancer as it hasn't been properly studied It's given without using local anaesthetic using a BIG needle. OUCHHHHHHHH You can be bruised on your face for 2 weeks straight…
The problem with these superbugs is that they're expensive to treat- only in hospital with mega exy drugs... and if the new NDM1 bacteria invades, we're frankly running out of options. To avoid getting infected with a superbug follow these tips; Wash your hands well (soap and water is fine!)…
...Or take Andrews advice and drag 747s around by your teeth. I'm not arguing with Professor O'Keefe!! Watch our hottest Weekend Sunrise tips HERE

Is junk food addictive? Yup

Posted by on 07 March, 2013
Food chemists mapping out your junk food highs know more than what scientists have gleaned from mere studies on rats and mice. Is junk food addictive? oh yeah! You bet! Check out the Morning Show segment HERE
Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
What can we tell about Andrew O'Keefe with his green MG, love of fried eggs and small signature? Hmmmmmmm= better watch the segment HERE
Do Hollywood A listers like Mariah Carey and Marcia Cross dupe the rest of us into thinking it's easy to get pregnant in your late 30s and early 40s? Watch the Morning Show segment HERE