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I was one of Kochie's angels yesterday- check it out HERE
Could be worse! As I told Sunrise ... click HERE
Sunrise today click Sunrise piercing warnings!
This’ll throw a cat among the pigeons! Forget brains.. the best way to pick a great med student is to run a personality test according to new Belgian research! The study of 600 med students followed over time found there was an ideal medico type personality that consistently performed well.…

Is breast still best?

Posted by on 09 January, 2010
With apologies to breastfeeding Nazis the new research explained HERE on Sunrise
Feeling a bit down? Grab a sugar pill and take a load off. A new study has shown that if you are one of the gazillions of people labeled with depression, unless you have a full on case of the blues, you might as well take a sugar pill for…
Sunrise- teen sleep and depression Sleep depreived teens risk depression and suicide as I disucessed on Sunrise today- click HERE to check out the segment
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One of my patients came in today with - I’m not kidding - about 20 kilos of XRays. The old films- accumulated over decades had obviously had a coup and taken over an entire section of her mum’s wardrobe. Now that mum had passed away, she said, what should she…
And how can you stick to them? Morning Show sorted this out- click HERE to view