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How drinking can KO your looks

Posted by on 03 September, 2009
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Listening to a patient, overflowing with bitterness at the injustices they have suffered is like watching a train smash in slow motion. It is as if the bitterness has invaded their mind like some ingenious cancer and pushed out all the rational thought and self preservation instincts that should be…
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Secret womens business

Posted by on 27 August, 2009
The Top 5 Health Tips every woman should know on Sunrise!
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The waiting game

Posted by on 17 August, 2009
I’m not blowing my trumpet too much but I take my punctuality fairly seriously. Come to me and you’re rarely going to get through more than half an antique magazine’s worth of celeb gossip before you’re name’s called. Clearly that makes me kinda weird. Most patients know that your tardiness…
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