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A Sunrise viewer wrote in with this question; check out the segment from today's show!
The problem with blood pressure You think you’ve got problems? Try telling someone that their blood pressure reading is high and I’ll guarantee you’ll be faced with incredulity, skepticism or simply frank dismay. “But my blood pressure’s always been low,” is the almost ubiquitous response. There’s a furtive glance at…
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When I saw Todd today with a horrible sore throat, his father nearly fell off his chair when I made the ‘no jelly and ice cream’ call. From my perspective Todd looked like he’d had a tad too much jelly and ice cream in his time. A quick jump on…
Click on the medical marvels tag and check out the stories- not over a meal please!!
Sunrise explores the weirdest myths about food and your sex drive.... and what you can really do to boost your libido!


Posted by on 22 July, 2009
The other day I bumped into a friend who is working an extraordinary number of hours a week, holding down two jobs to support her three children and herself. She’s a pretty inspiring girl- not because of the workload that she takes on but because she always has a huge…