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Australia has been dragging its heals on this one but taking tablets at home is an option I am sure many women will see as far better than a surgical termination. Watch the SUNRISE segment HERE
New research says that's not a radical idea at all Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
Not a worry for bones and joints.... exercise is great for kids But when adult coaches and parents think they can publicly write off little girls for anything less than perfection, we have a big problem Watch the Morning Show segment HERE

Having a senior moment?

Posted by on 29 August, 2012
Why your memory gives out from time to time and how to wrangle it back into line watch the Morning Show segment HERE

Cicrcumcision debate hots up!

Posted by on 29 August, 2012
Throw another log on that fire. Now the American Academy of Pediatrics (with input from peak bodies of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Family Physicians, and the Center for Disease Control) have said the evidence stacks up that the health benefits of circumcision outweigh the risks so that if parents CHOOSE to…
watch the Weekend Sunrise Healthwatch segment HERE

How to handle your cough

Posted by on 24 August, 2012
Seems like everyone's coughing at the moment and it can be so hard to work out whether your cough is something to worry about so here's the cough decoder; click HERE to watch the Sunrise segment
Depsite lots of celebs having babies in their 40s, the road isn't easy. Find out what you need to know and what you can do to give yourself fertility options Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
At the moment guys don't have too many options... this might just be the best bet yet! Watch our Sunrise segment HERE
No need to bin them but don't go crazy with these things either watch the Sunrise segment HERE