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All things good or at least OK in moderation Taken to their extreme these 'good health' moves become bad for you Watch the sunrise segment HERE
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Watch today's Sunrise segment HERE. 3 new studies out of great Britain and the US find that working past 8 months- regardless of the job decreases the weight of your baby by an average of 230g. That means there is a higher risk of having a low birth weight baby.…
Watch the Sunrise segment HERE In case the mice to human translation doesn't happen in time to make a wonder drug for your aging brain, like me you will have to get real.... this is one of my favourite TED talks on preparing for Alzheimer's by Alanah Shaikh; advice I…
It's called aquagenic urticaria and it's so rare we don't know much about it Find out more- click HERE to watch the Sunrise segment
Don't expect the Dodgy Doctor plaque to be hanging on the wall Here's how to pick a dodgy doctor and what to do if your doc is a dud- watch the Sunrise segment HERE
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Health apps with e-appeal

Posted by on 19 July, 2012
A few of my faves Watch the Sunrise segment HERE By the way I've had a few emails asking about the apps- they are UMSkinCheck (not available in Australia yet) Pregnancy Sprout Fitness Class DepressionCheck all are free!
I'm a huge fan (NOT) of pseudoscience; Where plausible scientific concepts are strung together with very big sciency words to impress! But when the MyShape underpants start claiming to eliminate toxins, everyone's red flag should go up. Save your money- watch the Sunrise segment HERE
This program comes at a pretty bargain basement price -so yes Click HERE to see the full Sunrise segment