Mums worried about the shortage of Aptamil karicare Gold formula- here's the bottom line

Posted by on 06 January, 2013

I find this fascinating; breast feeding rates are the same as they have been for years.

Yet the makers of this particular formula have had to increase production from 5000 tons per year to 12000 tons per year and are set to increase this figure by another staggering 50% by the end of this year!!

And still, supermarkets and pharmacies of Australia are running out! What's going on?

I suspect it is a combination of the mum's bush telegraph and the silly scare campaign about NAN HA Gold. if you remember a few months ago the company and health authorities were forced to investigate after concerns that babies were becoming unsettled after the company changed the formula to make it taste better. No issues were ever found with the formula. It is FINE. It's the sort of rumour I wouldn't be surprised to hear started with a competitor brand. By the way, I haven't heard that at all, it's just the sort of thing I know does happen and as you can see it works! Mums are terrified to feed their baby tainted formula even after it's been stamped off as healthy by every health authority in the land!!

Anyway here is what you need to know about the current formula shortage; click HERE to watch the Sunrise segment