The Superbug era... what do you need to know?

Posted by on 18 March, 2013

The problem with these superbugs is that they're expensive to treat- only in hospital with mega exy drugs... and if the new NDM1 bacteria invades, we're frankly running out of options. To avoid getting infected with a superbug follow these tips;

  1. Wash your hands well (soap and water is fine!) especially before eating
  2. Stay healthy in general. Bugs thrive in sick people
  3. If you're travelling in developing countries like India, get obsessive about hand & food hygiene
  4. If you're visiting someone in hospital, don't bring hospital germs home. Wash your hands well on your way out
  5. Do u really need antibiotics? More than half antibiotic scripts in Australia are for viruses! Useless!
  6. If you do take antibiotics,  take the whole course at the prescribed dose.

Stay healthy guys!!!

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