Stuck in an exercise rut? Maybe I can help?

Posted by on 05 August, 2010

And she's off!!

I believe in the power of the sweat. I preach it daily to patients, I yabber on about it on radio and on TV and I honestly believe that regular exercise is the answer to many of this nation’s ills. So this is painful but I have to do a full mea culpa; I’ve become a couch potato. It didn’t happen overnight but God help me it did happen.

While I never used to miss a day – whether it was a run (which is - for my money- still the most time effective way to get rid of your spare calories and brain fuddle) or weights or even just 10 minutes running up and down the stairs at home if the weather was diabolical, I was as regular as clockwork. For years. But there were the colds and the 5am starts for Sunrise and the long days in the surgery…

Somehow I got out of the habit and while in my head I’m fit and take regular exercise seriously, in reality I’d become a part time runner (very part time) and the consequences are dire. I’m not one of those people who love sweating and leaving it all on the road. I have no desire to better my time, pump more iron or run a marathon. I exercise(d) because I have (had) to. If not I spread out in the backside (tick- note my pants are a little snug), I become the evil bitch queen from hell by the end of the day (please tell me I’m not there yet!) and I feel tired. Really tired. For me exercise= energy. If I’m running every day I need less sleep but feel much better.

I asked one of my friends how he gets out of the rut and he says he never gets into one. He never lets himself miss more than one day ever - no matter what and that way it never becomes a rut. I gave him my soap opera saga about my early starts and long hours and colds and lots of kids and he dismissed me flat out. “If John Howard managed it every day when he was PM, you’ve got no excuse.” He’s right you know.

I want my Mojo back. I want my cardiovascular, emotional and bone strengthening armour back. But my real motivation is I want to get rid of my excess backside. And where else would I go looking for my Mojo but on Twitter?

I asked for tips on getting out of an exercise rut and the good twitter didn’t let me down;

  1. My favourite- put your alarm on the other side of the room. Once you have to get up to switch it off, you’re up so might as well get cracking.
  2. Bad day? Don’t beat yourself up- start again tomorrow.
  3. Focus on how good you’ll look in your skinny jeans and how good you’ll feel.
  4. Give yourself a reward; if I run every day this week, I’ll go get those earrings or whatever your treat!)
  5. Book a date with a friend; you’re not just letting yourself down if you don’t pitch but you’re letting down your buddy too.
  6. Pre-buy some sessions with a personal trainer. Your money down the drain? Not likely!!
By the way thanks to those who helped! You did it!

So today was DAY 4 of my rutlessness. My trusty hound, Freddy (7 month old hyperactive cavoodle) led me out up Heartbreak Hill in Sydney and I ran most of the 4km circuit (yeah- walked a bit too I’m ashamed to admit!). I’ve done sit ups and push-ups too. I’m determined to keep going.

Wish me luck xx