Deadly Anaphylaxis

Tuesday, 04 April 2017 21:18

Thank you for all your feedback. Incorrect information was given in a segment in Weekend Sunrise.  I am both regretful for and devastated by this.  Since then, I have been working with the National Allergy Strategy, Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy & Anaphylaxis Australia.  In the interim more information is available on  This issue has increased my awareness of the impact of food allergy on patients and their families and the importance of improving knowledge of health professionals including myself in this area.  I have accepted an invitation from the National Allergy Strategy to work together to increase awareness of allergic diseases in Australia.

Lastly, as a mother, I wanted to say that I have so much respect and compassion for every parent who has ever had to fight to protect their child in the face of adversity.  Parents of children with anaphylaxis do this every day and need life to be made easier, not harder.

Stay safe

Ginni x