It will be at least a decade before we know just how many cervical cancers have been prevented by this new program, but the initial data looks fantastic! Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
They're terrible for you - there is no doubt And evidence suggests they're highly linked to diabetes and obesity But a ban? That's too much (a tax would be good though!!) Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
Watch the Morning Show Jury with Joe Hildrebrand HERE
Answer is.... um..... not always... we don't know So what should you do? Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
Juice isn't a healthy option. Children who drink more than a glass of juice a day double their risk of obesity and I guess when you look at the sugar content of 100 per cent juice it's not hard to see why! Watch the Sunrise segment HERE
This might be worth explaining. No I'm not booked in for hysterectomy regardless of symptoms on my 50th birthday. But if I need one, I'm running to the doctor and adding my name to the list. I see lots of women who have shocking bleeding and discomfort from problems with…
OK you would THINK this is a no brainer but vulnerable mums, struggling to give the best to their babies when breast feeding isn't working might be guilted into this. Guys, if you can't breast feed you baby, formula in Australia is a great option. it's tightly regulated and extremely…

Too young to diet

Posted by on 18 October, 2012
I am a huge advocate of healthy eating for kids but what on earth are ten year olds doing 'on a diet?' Worrying stats- watch the sunrise segment HERE and the Morning Show segment on the same topic HERE

Could this bra save your life?

Posted by on 17 October, 2012
Watch the Sunrise segment HERE to find out how this American wonderbra detects early breast cancer
When is clean too clean? Watch the Sunrise segment HERE