Should your right to smoke trump my right not to passive smoke? Civil liberties vs public health on Sunrise

Posted by on 21 June, 2012

By the way we all have skin in this game because we pay for the hospitals and GPs who fix people with smoking related disorders.

As a society we've decided to curb your right to drink and drive or to drive at high speed on city streets and to decline the use of a seatbelt for you or your kids. Call me crazy but that's not the nanny state- it's common sense. About time we had some good communal leadership to stamp out as much passive smoking as possible.

By the way the Cochrane collaboration who conducted the research finding that smoking bans improve health- they're pretty much the international last word on medical research- the very ultimate of the elite of the creme de la creme of scientific analysts. So I think dissing their research is a little ahem silly especially when you're not a scientist. If you're interested in their Cochrane review on smoking bans in public spaces- find it HERE

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