AMA shrieks about super sized V bottles

Posted by on 06 December, 2012

The USA has heard similar cries. Over there five deaths plus one non fatal heart attack have been linked to consuming pots of 'Monster' brand energy drinks. This has not only prompted a civil law suit by the parents of a 14 year old victim but a FDA inquiry. The issue; is caffeine overdose the culprit or is there something sinister going on with the mixing of the various chemicals in these popular drinks? Or is it something else altogether? Were  other drugs or alcohol at the core of the problem?

I am so eager to see the results particularly of the FDA inquiry but until then, the answer is we just don't know. Coffee, the most popular drink in the world after water is a full on health food. packed with anti-oxidants it prevents heaps of diseases and seems to lengthen your life as well. To say caffeine is evil is problematic for me. Firstly there is no evidence that's the case and second we will throw a whole lot of healthy baby out with the bathwater.

The issue which just never gets addressed is the self destructive behaviour of some teens and twenty somethings. nobody in their right mind drinks two litres of V with vodka because they're thirsty. They do it to get smashed. Energy drinks have become the drink of choice for party goers and is mixed with whatever is adding 'fun' to the night; alcohol, drugs and hyper behaviour. Is the Energy drink the issue or is it this silly culture we have of taking things to extreme and thinking that without chemical assistance we will have a boring night?

If the issues are around kids, then parents; don't give it to them. Eight year olds don't tend to head out to the supermarket alone to choose the family beverages. All energy drinks clearly state on the can that they should not be consumed by kids. teenagers who have their own money are a different story. Talk to your kids. if they don't know they shouldn't have more than one or two cans a day, then educate them. If they do it anyway, time to chat about why they are trying to sabotage their own health? I'm not sure government regulation plays a role here.

We don't legislate against litre bottles of vodka. Without any FDA inquiry required, I can tell you that alcohol does cause LOTS of deaths, even more disease both physical and mental, rips apart families, is absolutely disastrous for kids and costs our community a fortune. But nobody wants to ban bottles of the stuff because people have to be adults and take responsibility for the behaviours that get them into strife.

For my money, let's stop bleating about a 1200 ml bottle of something which is already happily sold as six packs of cans and start focusing on the Aussie culture of chemical fun. It sucks. Watch the Sunrise segment HERE