Amazing breakthrough as a donor uterus recipient announces she's pregnant

Posted by on 15 April, 2013

A 22 year old Turkish woman born without a uterus but desperate to have children is closer to realizing her dream. She received a donor uterus 2 years ago and is now in the early stages of a pregnancy. She will have a rough road ahead. In order not to reject the donor uterus she has to take drugs that dampen her immune system but also increase her baby's risk of a problem like a birth defect. plus this uterus has to respond to hormonal cues from her body and grow big enough to carry a 3kg baby. But for now, let's not worry too much about the potential dangers. this is a HUGE advancement for women who have no uterus and until now have been told they will never be able to have a pregnancy. The years of experience with donations of vital organs such as heart, liver and kidneys has paid dividends for transplants of hands, faces and now wombs. Medicine is amazing! Watch the Sunrise segment here: