FTC Disclosure

Affiliate Marketing FTC Disclosure


The US Federal Trade Commission requires us to disclose any relationships we have between a product manufacturer or service provider (from hereon referred to as 'Owner') when we write a review or offer a recommendation about a product or service.


Here are the guidelines we operate under at Doctor-Australia.com.au or DrGinni.com.au:


From time-to-time, we may offer independent reviews of certain products and/or services. Pertaining to, but not limited to, these reviews:

* We are NEVER paid for ANY reviews we write. We NEVER accept money to review a product or service. No advertiser or owner of a product or service will ever influence the reviews, content, or posts made on Doctor-Australia.com.au or DrGinni.com.au.

*We invest our own time and money to review and test products and the reviews we write are based on our opinions and beliefs about that product or service. ALL expenses incurred to produce Doctor-Australia.com.au or DrGinni.com.au are at our own cost.

*We do NOT accept any pre-written reviews by a product or service owner. ALL reviews on Doctor-Australia.com.au or DrGinni.com.au are 100% written by our own, independent team of reviewers.

*We DO have relationships with numerous owners of products and services that we MAY recommend in a review, and should you purchase a product or services from our website, we MAY get paid a commission for that sale. This is termed an 'Affiliate Relationship'. This differs from us supplying product and/or services that we distribute or on-sell for a manufacturer or company.

*We may NOT however have relationships with all owners of the products or services we recommend in a review. We recommend a product or service based solely on our belief that it is a quality product and/or service and that it offers the best value for money for our readers.

*Our reviews and subsequent recommendations are never composed for the sole purpose of generating an affiliate commission and are always based solely on our own opinions of said product or service.


We believe it is important for you, as our reader, to understand the relationship we may have with owners of the products or services we may recommend and disclose this relationship openly.

Doctor-Australia.com.au or DrGinni.com.au