Are you touched by dementia in your world?

Sunday, 23 September 2012 03:45

One family's brave struggle and my tips on avoiding the dreaded disease

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Tuesday, 18 September 2012 00:19

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Yes just as we thought that fish oil capsules were the only ones worth taking, a new review says they don't prevent heart attack, stroke or death!

Before you bin the good oil, the Heart Foundation here in Australia, as well as most reputable academics have pointed to countless flaws in the latest analysis and maintain that 1 gram of fish oil a day is a good way to protect the heart. I'm sold and just so you know... I'm on them every day unless I eat oily fish for dinner.

But this sparked yet another Sunrise segment on vitamins. Funnily enough it was meant to be an argument between myself and a pro-supplement guru from the University of Sydney. only we agree on everything;

Nobody will benefit from a one size fits all multivitamin

Some studies show some worrying trends from supplements- with some nasty unanticipated consequences

Short term supplementation to correct properly diagnosed deficiencies makes sense

Pregnant women should all be on folic acid, iodine and vitamin D

Other than that save your money, eat well, be happy and free

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You might have sleep apnoea- not just an affliction of large old men it turns out

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Supermum's QUINTUPLETS! At 48

Wednesday, 05 September 2012 20:53

It's going to be a rough road for Victoria's Supermum, Superdad, the 12 big brothers and sisters and the 4 surviving Quintuplets

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